Case Study: Dream Date

As a relatively small agency with big ideas, occasionally The Bosco would throw parties. These parties were geared towards promoting capabilities with experimental installations, reaching new clients, improving relations with existing clients, and having some fun for the team. One such party was Dream Date, a Valentine’s-themed warehouse party primarily thrown to unveil the Videographer product and to promote Villain, a new venue in Williamsburg.

A big warehouse presented the opportunity to produce a broad range of booths to cater to different client needs. On the other side of the spectrum from the Videographer, and true to The Bosco’s core offerings, there was a simple one-up photo install. Here, guests could choose one of three variations on a cherub-framed overlay and receive a physical photo.

Capitalizing on the space afforded at Villain, the creative team collaborated on Dream Ride, a series of seated green screen outputs utilizing a large footprint. Guests sat on a green painted bench and were transported to a variety of situations. Everyone on the creative team worked on different outputs for this installation, and communicated to ensure they were all similar but distinct.

Of course, no Valentine’s party could be complete without a kissing booth. Fashioned out of one of The Bosco’s cargo vans, the appropriately titled Make Out Van experience was a cozy space flooded with soft projections. Guests crawled into the back, hit the touch screen, and made out according to a countdown. So many guests wanted their own slow-mo make out portraits that there was consistently a line out the van all night.

The ambitious event paid off. The Videographer went on to become a popular higher end offering, enticing clients such as Nike, Netflix, and The Office. The seated green screen booth was later commissioned by clients like Disney for an Aladdin promo and The Infatuation. And there were smiles everywhere throughout the night.

What I did: I created the design for the cherub photo booth, working with the tongue in cheek Valentine’s/prom motif. I made the purple dragon output for Dream Ride and managed the overarching template and software development for that experience, compiling the assets and testing for errors. And I was creative lead for the Make Out Van, executing the development and using stock footage to assemble a 50 second animation loop of vibe-y hearts, colorful blobs, and rainbow swirls.

How it worked: There are other booths not mentioned here, but generally they all had the same user flow: Guests would come up to the touch screen, select a choice if applicable, and then strike a pose, flail around, or make out. Some like the standard photo booth included a physical takeaway, while others were strictly digital outputs. Outputs from the Make Out Van, the Videographer, and Dream Ride were randomly selected and projected behind the DJ booth all night.

Roles: Software development, Projection creation, Graphic design, Creative lead, Asset management