Case Study: IBM at the Adobe Summit

IBM worked with The Bosco to create an interactive installation for an exhibition at the Adobe Summit. Utilizing a custom 11 x 7 foot LED screen, The Bosco crafted a gesture-driven experience that empowered guests to create their own digital background for a video moment.

What I did: I created a Unity application that integrated a Kinect to drive a touchless UX and allowed guests to create particle effects with their hands. I prototyped example particles and iterated on them with client input to solidify the visuals. Concurrently, I incorporated a replay system so the guests’ drawings would replay while we recorded their videos on our standard video booth. For the booth component, I created the countdown timer and appropriate screen instructions and ensured the two systems worked well together. Once on site at the conference, I assisted with the integration of the project with IBM’s large screen setup.

An earlier prototype.
The final output

How it worked: Guests stepped up onto a short platform in front of the LED screen, with graphics instructing them to strike a pose. Once the Kinect registered the guest, the screen changed to a blank canvas with instructions and a countdown clock that informed how much time was left to draw. Drawing in this case meant guests moving their hands to create a series of trails and particle effects. Once the timer ran out, guests were instructed to turn around and, using a standard video booth setup, they recorded a video while their visualizations were redrawn behind them. Guests then stepped off the platform and toward the sharing kiosk, where they obtained their digital creations, complete with added cuts, effects, and music.

Roles: Software development, Particle design, UX, Prototyping, Innovation, A/V, On site technical support