Case Study: Kidding

For Showtime, in promotion of their show Kidding, a dark comedy spin on Mister Rogers starring Jim Carrey, The Bosco created an interactive photo booth design with a highly tactile, hands-on element to align with the show’s arts and crafts theme.

The photo booth first premiered at a promotional event at LACMA, and was such a success that the client then commissioned subsequent installations at Eeeeeatscon.  

What I did: I handled The Bosco’s pitch for this RFP, spearheading the brainstorming meetings as primary creative lead, and producing the copy and images for the deck. To help the clients better envision the technical setup, I worked with our 3D artist to create diagrams and mockups of the photo booth experience.

How it worked: Guests arrived at a table with a series of magnetic cutouts of the show’s set and guests. They then arranged these cutouts on a blue magnetic background and, guided by a member of our team, took a photo using a custom overhead camera setup. The guests then took four photos of themselves in front of a green screen setup, moved to the sharing kiosk to share their gif creations on social media, and took a printed copy of one of their photos for a physical takeaway.

Roles: Ideation facilitation, Concept deck production, Creative lead, Software development