Case Study: Fortnite at E3

Epic Games teamed up with The Bosco on two installations as part of their huge Fortnite booth at E3 2018. Each install handled an iconic aspect of the game: one experience had guests flying around on a physical glider mimicking the beginning of a match, and the other had guests trying to perform the famous Fortnite dance emotes.

Hundreds of guests used the booths over the course of the three day convention, and the partnership continued throughout the year culminating in a return of The Bosco to the Fortnite booth in 2019 with a different installation highlighting the Baller.

What I did: I produced and engineered the multi-screen dance installation, wiring the external screens to the booth, coding the openFrameworks touch screen experience, and managing the assets provided by Epic Games to create an After Effects script and template. On site I ensured the event went smoothly on the technical front. As there were minimal issues, I mainly hyped people while they danced and walked around the convention floor, scouting out other interesting interactive experiences to share with the team.

How it worked: Guests first used the booth’s touch screen to choose between 8 different dances. Once they selected their dance, they took a step back as one large screen displayed a live camera feed to work as a mirror, and the other displayed an avatar performing the dance. Our touch screen counted them down and instructed the user when to begin and when to end. After they finished, they walked behind the booth to share their dancing skills while the next guest came around to start.

Roles: Software development, Design, Innovation, A/V, Research, On site technical support